Frequently Asked Questions

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Please post in the comments section of that coupon with a detailed account of your experience. It may have expired before we were able to remove it from our site. Retailers often do not clarify how long a deal or code will last. We test coupons throughout the day and do our best to remove them from our site as quickly as possible when they expire.

At Top Deals Max, we don’t actually sell anything. Instead, we serve as a resource to help you shop smarter with online purchases or at a brick-and-mortar store by comparing prices, alerting you to awesome deals, and giving you a shortcut to expert-tested coupon codes.

We’re always here to help if you have issues with any of our merchants. Please email us here with your order number, order details, and any additional information and we’ll help

When you buy one of our deals or use one of our coupons, we may receive a small commission on the sale. It doesn’t affect the price you pay. If you want to learn more about how the business works, we go into more detail about the inner workings of Top Deals Max here.